Operations & Maintenance

540x222 WS O&M

As a leading provider of in-building solutions, we are trusted by leading network operators to handle the ongoing maintenance of cellular systems at major locations across the UK and Australia.

With a proactive approach to resolving maintenance issues in both countries, we provide rapid fault resolution for over 3500 sites including high profile buildings such as corporate HQs, the private homes of VIPs, shopping centres, stadia and national transport hubs.

Our maintenance and fault resolution service for in-building systems includes:

  • Proactive testing that systems are working
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and rapid fault resolution
  • Adherence to stringent Service Level Agreements involving initial response, attendance on site and fault resolution times

Our clients can feel reassured by our in-depth knowledge of in-building systems from initial design and installation to operations and maintenance. This expertise is combined with a well managed system for fault resolution and careful stock control of critical spares. This allows our engineers to swiftly resolve any issues that emerge.

Rather than simply maintaining existing infrastructure, our engineers have the experience to recommend system upgrades or enhancements that will improve the performance or robustness of a location.

Network operators can work in partnership with us to focus on long term improvements in service, rather than mere troubleshooting.

Our fault resolution track record stands at 100%, including the closure of issues that were unresolved at the beginning of contracts.

For further information on our operation and maintenance services, please contact us.