Joint Operator Specification

By Editor

The UK Joint Operator Specifications (JOTS) have provided a framework within which mobile infrastructure projects can be more successfully managed. Cellular Asset Management’s Non-Executive Director for technology, Ken Ng, was invited to present his experiences of JOTS in the Netherlands to an audience that included major Dutch telecoms companies, property developers and government agencies. Ken […]

Small Cell Deployment Considerations

By Editor

Introduction The ever increasing demand for mobile broadband services is driving network operators to provide more and more capacity from radio access networks (RAN). This can be achieved by: increasing spectrum, employing more spectral efficient technologies such as 4G/LTE, and/or increasing the density of the cell sites. Spectrum is an expensive resource and is limited […]

Technology Insight

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Today’s solution to mobile coverage inside buildings is still mostly based on distributing RF through feeder cables to the antennas, much as it was 15 years ago. Yet it’s the frequency bands and technologies that have changed. Add to that the increasing use of mobile devices and operators face the challenge of an increasing demand for […]