Sydney Harbour Bridge

  • Description:

    Design and Installation of Upgraded 3G and New 4G DAS

  • Requirement:

    Improvement to Coverage on Sydney Harbour Bridge

  • Solution:

    Implementation of a New Outdoor DAS

540x222 SHB

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, or ‘The Coathanger’ as it is affectionately known, is a steel arch bridge across Sydney Harbour that carries a variety of traffic between the Sydney central business district and the North Shore. The bridge is an iconic part of the Sydney landscape and provides an impressive view of the nearby Opera House. Completed in 1932, the bridge is the tallest steel arch bridge in the world, measuring 134 metres from the top to water level.

CAM was commissioned by VHA (Vodafone/Hutchinson Australia) to design and install U850 services in order to improve cellular coverage for mobile traffic passing over the bridge. Macro coverage to the bridge was severely degraded due to the nature of the steel structure and surrounding water.

Download the full case study here – CAM_SydneyHarbour_CS