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CAMS delivers original, expert and innovative in-building solutions to wireless operators and property owners.

How we Started

CAMS was founded by a team of experts who successfully sold a macro rollout company in the early 1990s.

It was agreed that the founders’ new creation, Cellular Asset Management Services, would focus its efforts on in-building design and build. This would offer a truly end-to-end service for mobile operators seeking to roll out solutions to building owners and corporate clients. Very quickly, CAMS became recognised in the marketplace as a first class service integrator, focusing on design, build, project management and maintenance of in-building solutions.

We were asked to assist with a number of Mobile Network Operator led RFPs where we worked with MNOs to provide technical and commercial guidance to upcoming integrators. 3G was rolling out fast. There were four operators and networks who were working hard to use their respective spectrum as efficiently as possible. There was a requirement for efficient and aesthetically pleasing systems that could be successfully implemented by a trusted partner.

CAMS has often been asked to attend mobile operator forums, lead innovative projects and speak about in-building at industry events.


The company continues to grow and has now built and designed over 20,000 in-building cells in some of the world’s landmark locations.

Over the coming years it will be our prime objective to both help mobile operators to roll out their networks to meet demand and also to support network operators with requests from building owners and landlords. In recent years we have seen property owners change to their perspective, now regarding in-building coverage as an essential part of every development. This movement will also drive the growth of small cells.

In this environment, we are regarded as a facilitator and not just integrator. With an established reputation for sound advice, expertise and industry knowledge, we are able to support network operators and landlords to respond effectively to consumer demands within a wide range buildings, both large and small.

We hope that you find the case studies in this section interesting and that it gives a good overview of our expertise.