Delivering Wireless Coverage

540x222 WS Delivering Coverage

We have established a reputation for supporting mobile operators in delivering seamless coverage and capacity in even the most complex locations.

Today, mobile devices fulfil a complex role in our lives, empowering us to make calls, send data, interact on social media, and increasingly, to use connected IoT devices. With 5G on the horizon, this will become ever more significant.

If you’re a property owner, delivering wireless coverage has become a prerequisite for new locations and building renovations. Customers and visitors expect to be able to make calls and use the internet at all times. Poor coverage or capacity will impact on the success of your venue and ultimately, affect occupation by residents, companies and retailers.

Delivering wireless coverage in some locations is particularly challenging but we are accustomed to demanding projects. We have installed wireless systems in immense venues such as Dublin’s 02, The Docklands Stadium in Melborne and Sydney Cricket Ground, skyscraping buildings such as The Shard and Tower 42 in London, and across Sydney Harbour Bridge, where we had to plan around intricate ironwork and work at great heights.

We are committed to supporting all our customers, working with telecommunications providers and MNOs to deliver a premier service to building owners and their customers.

We can help improve your wireless coverage with the following services:

  • RF Surveys: A complete survey that includes RF measurements and coverage
  • DAS Design: Creation of a bespoke and forward-thinking Distributed Antenna System that can grow with your venue and adapt as technology advances
  • Support for GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA, LTE, LTE Advanced, WiFi and WIMAX technology
  • Installation: Our highly experienced engineers deliver installation plans that work alongside day-today operations and accommodate the aesthetic requirements of your location
  • Maintenance and Fault Resolution: A 24/7 fault resolution service across Australia and the United Kingdom

As a leading company in the provision of in-building cellular systems, we have the experience and resources to plan, execute and successfully manage even the most complex assignments.

To discuss your requirements, please contact us.