Wireless Solutions


169x141 WSCoverage

We conduct careful RF surveys to establish the right level of additional coverage.

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169x141 WS Maint

Clients can rely on us to provide a fully outsourced maintenance and fault resolution service with 24/7/365 monitoring.

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169x141 WS Consultancy

Offering a completely vendor-neutral consultancy service.

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Today, seamless wireless solutions are essential. If you’re developing or renovating property – whether it’s a hotel, residential development, transport hub, sports arena, shopping centre or office building – excellent mobile connections are critical to public perceptions. Good cellular coverage has the power to affect rental and sale prices – and even occupancy.

In retail spaces, shoppers may hurry to leave a store if they cannot cross check offers or stay in contact. Travellers expect to be able to work, enjoy their downtime and stay in contact throughout their journey – certainly until their plane leaves the ground. It may be difficult to fill office developments where cellular coverage is patchy or lacking in capacity.

Mobile network operators are experiencing the challenge of providing capacity and quality to subscribers, in virtually every location, to serve the needs of increasingly data-hungry devices.

At Cellular Asset Management Services, we understand equally the needs of end users, building owners and mobile network operators. For over 30 years we have designed, built and maintained thousands of distributed antenna systems for mobile operators and we’re considered pioneers in cellular in building wireless solutions. We are credited with setting quality assurance standards for small cell wireless installations in challenging locations, and are experts in macrocell technology.

Mobile operators and neutral host providers trust us because we have delivered so many successful solutions to property owners. In turn, property owners benefit from happy customers.

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