Rigging & installation


With the intensive roll-out of LTE by operators in the UK, together with potential major upgrades in other radio networks, CAMS is continuing to scale up to meet an increasing demand for rigging and installation services.

Rigging projects require strong project management experience combined with site survey knowledge and a good understanding of how to install from plan for a Distributed Antenna System. The ability to work at close quarters in challenging environments, including corporate, 24/7 and high security locations, can only be delivered by specially trained and specially qualified personnel.

With an experienced and multi-skilled in-house installation team, many of whom have worked on high profile and network critical rigging projects, our operation is growing to accommodate new areas of network roll-out. We understand the importance of right-first-time installation and take pride in the quality of our installations.

We look forward to continued expansion in this area and continuing to deliver a world class service to all our customers.

For further information on rigging services please contact us.