Drive testing & verification


Drive testing is a method of measuring the coverage and capacity of a cellular network. Using a specially equipped vehicle containing measurement equipment, a geographical area is assessed in terms of its coverage and the information recorded using GPS coordinates.

A key planning tool for mobile operators, drive testing remains a key part of monitoring coverage and developing networks. Drive testing can be commissioned for a variety of purposes including benchmarking, optimisation, troubleshooting and monitoring.

The following information can typically be collected during drive testing:

  • Signal intensity
  • Signal quality
  • Interference
  • Dropped calls
  • Blocked calls
  • Inconsistent coverage
  • Call statistics
  • QoS information
  • Handover information
  • Coverage from other networks

At CAMS we offer some of the fastest test results in the industry by designing projects where driving teams work in parallel with post-processing engineers.

Remaining independent of larger drive testing operations and even test equipment vendors, we remain flexible in our approach and can put together a bespoke and cost effective testing package for virtually any radio network.

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