O2 Dublin

  • Description:

    O2 Dublin, 15,000 seat concert/entertainment venue

  • Requirement:

    Coverage throughout venue 2G/3G services (single operator)

  • Solution:

    Passive distributed antenna system (DAS) 51 antennas

540x222 O2 Dublin

The venue was at a late stage of re-development at the time of instruction and a full RF survey could not be undertaken due to the level of completeness and ongoing building works. On this premise we utilised the Motorola Enterprise Planning tool which allows AutoCAD floor plans of the venue to be loaded in and for calibrated losses to be associated with each specific layer type in the CAD file. Proposed antenna locations were entered into the tool with appropriate power levels set to suit. A detailed coverage prediction was then produced based on antenna locations accounting for walls and floor losses. Plans were then developed to show the coverage predictions at 900MHz, 1800MHz and 2100MHz.

Cellular Asset Management was responsible for the installation of all antennas and associated cabling throughout the venue, including the fabrication of bespoke fixings for antennas covering the auditorium. We developed a programme of works with the venue’s Project Management Team to ensure our works fitted seamlessly into the overall plan to complete on time. Our Engineers and installers worked closely with a number of on-site contractors in the final weeks of the refurbishment to ensure our works did not impact on their programmes which included the finish to floors, walls and ceilings, many interacting with our cable routes.

Download the full case study here – CAM_Dublin_CS