Our Team

Led by industry authority David Pearson, Cellular Asset Management’s team includes some of the most experienced and well-connected managers and technical experts in mobile telecommunications. Their experience means our culture is both pragmatic and innovative, across the whole range of challenges faced by network operators, building owners, equipment makers, neutral host providers and other stakeholders.


    • David-Pearson-Photo UK

      David Pearson >

      Group Managing Director

    • Ken Ng

      Ken Ng >

      Technical Director

    • Zoe-Photo

      Zoe Buckingham >

      BA (Hons)

      Marketing Consultant


    • Greg Tracey4_192x192

      Greg Tracey >

      Managing Director

    • Steve Bush_v2_192x192

      Steven Bush >

      Operations Director

    • Mark Hull New2_192x192

      Mark Hull >

      Business Development Director

    • Peter Horder_192x192

      Peter Horder >

      Product Development Director

    • Amanda Guy_v2_192x192

      Amanda Guy >

      Head of Corporate Services

    • Asita Galappatti_v2_192x192

      Asita Galappatti >

      Financial Controller

    • John_Osborn_180x180b

      John Osborn >

      Head of Delivery - TX

    • Tom-Hammerton-Photo

      Tom Hammerton >

      Head of Delivery - IBC


    • David-Pearson-Photo

      David Pearson >

      Managing Director (UK)

    • Peter-Bridgman-Photo

      Peter Bridgman >

      Operations Director (UK)

    • Ken Ng

      Ken Ng >

      Technical Director (UK)

    • Mike Hall

      Mike Hall >


    • Rob_MacPherson_192x192c_IMG_9912

      Rob MacPherson >

      Business Development Manager

    • Dom2

      Dominic Anderson >

      Head of Delivery

    • Michael

      Michael Markham >

      Senior Project Manager

    • Andy2

      Andy Love >


      Head of Service Operations

    • Lee2

      Lee Fraser >

      Service Manager