CAM Go-Kart Champions

Published: 02 October 2018 DAYTONA_540X222_IMG_0148

The CAM team enjoyed a much-deserved break Go-Karting last Friday on the Daytona Race Track at Sandown.

It turned out to be a seriously competitive event at which black flags made an appearance and some of the drivers, including senior members of the company, were told to calm down!

An anonymous commentator reported, “Lee Fraser snapped his wheels and had to be escorted off the track, but the funniest thing was seeing Bruce go round like a Mario Kart without brakes, hence him winning Race 1 and 2. It’s always MM, Lee M, Luke, Bruce and Adam in that Top Five, so next time we’ll just have to add some weight to their karts!”

We’re delighted to announce the winners below. There was a dominance of installation professionals in the winners’ line-up, suggesting that a profession juggling cables creates just the right profile for life in the fast lane.

The Winners

Race One:

First Place – Bruce Evans

Second Place – Michael Markham

Third Place – Lee Mansfield

Race Two:

First Place – Bruce Evans

Second Place – Luke Wallace

Third Place – Lee Mansfield